Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stop discussing, just ban it.

A 62 year old lawyer based in Dubai, called Sarachandra Bose is travelling 14,000 km across all the state capitals of India distributing copies of his book titled ' Caste Away! India, Hinduism and Untouchability '. His name sounds Bengali but he is from Kerala, both states that used to be strongholds of communism. We have not read the book but most articles by Bengalis are full of communist, anti-Hindu gibberish. Still, we agree. Caste is just another name for class discrimination but it provides a marvellous opportunity to enemies of Hindus to persecute us constantly with biased laws, police violence and conversion. For instance dowry laws are specifically aimed at Hindus and exclude ' minorities '. While politicians accused of murder, rape or plunder are always presumed innocent unless proven guilty a man accused of asking for dowry has to prove his own innocence. In fact if a woman dies in circumstances not considered to be natural in her husband's home within 7 years of marriage it will be considered a dowry death. Minorities of the US send vast amounts of money to convert illiterate Hindus by preaching against caste while conveniently forgetting to mention how Africans slaves were treated worse than animals and how blacks face severe discrimination to this day. Discrimination in any form is wrong so how do we get rid of caste? It is easy. Just ban it. India has banned sex selection to try and stop abortion of female fetuses. Some states in India have banned portable ultrasound machines to stop sex selection. There is a long list of books banned in India which probably does not have the names of books voluntarily recalled by publishers. The Congress has been in power for 56 years out of 66 years of independence so why has it not banned caste till now? The glib answer is that Nehru was a Brahmin so upper castes were preferred. That does not wash because the Congress has been ruled by a ' minority ' foreigner since 1998 and was in power in Delhi from 2004 to 2014. The reason is that the Congress is a colonial party which has exercised power through the principle of ' divide and rule ' Thus Hindus have been sliced and diced into Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Castes for reservation in government jobs and higher education. In a most cynical ploy the Congress listed Jats in the OBC category just before the recent general elections to win votes. The government should pass a law banning caste selection and mandating equal treatment for all castes. But then how will politicians use caste to either bribe or punish sections of Hindus? Perhaps we Hindus will be wiped out.


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